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The Jocko T-shirt CLub SUbscription

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged the day that you sign up for the subscription. For monthly subscribers, you will continue to be billed once every 30 days following your initial payment. If you are already an active subscriber, you may view your future payment schedule by logging into your ACCOUNT, selecting Manage Subscription and clicking on the Payment Schedule tab. You will receive a reminder email 3 days prior to your payment processing.

When will my subscription arrive?

Subscription shipments will begin shipping the third week of every month following payment. (Example: Payment processed in November for the December shirt, shipping will begin the third week of December).

What happens if I never received my box?

Please contact the Jocko Store Customer Service at

How can I track my package?

You will receive an email with tracking information when your box ships. Please be sure to check your spam if you are concerned you are not receiving your tracking emails.

How do I access my subscription account?

You can access your Subscription Account through your Jocko Store account login. If you have not registered an account, you will need to create an account using the same email address used at checkout when purchasing the subscription. Once your account is registered, you can login and access your account by clicking on the Manage Subscriptions link.

Alternatively, you can access your ACCOUNT using the direct link. This link is normally sent in your subscription confirmation email.

How long will my subscription last?

The monthly auto renew subscription will be active until you cancel your subscription. The prepaid yearly membership will automatically renew after the 12th shipment. You will receive a reminder email 3 days prior to your payment processing. To cancel or make edits to your subscription login to your ACCOUNT and select manage subscription.

What if I need to change my shirt size?

If you need to update your shirt size or you have already received a shirt that does not fit properly please contact customer service at We will be more than happy to help update your subscription.

How do I change my billing/mailing address?

You have full control of your subscription details under the Manage Subscription section of your ACCOUNT. Once logged into your account, select Manage Subscription, click on the edit button of an active subscription and scroll down to the button to adjust your address information.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my subscription?

Unfortunately, gift cards can NOT be used to purchase a subscription OR is valid when a subscription is in your cart. Gift cards may be used for one time purchases of all standard Jocko Store products.

How can I update my credit card details online?

If you purchased your subscription from our website, you can update your payment details by logging into your ACCOUNT and selecting Manage Subscription. Once logged into your account, select Manage Subscription and click on the edit button of an active subscription. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to edit account details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to your ACCOUNT and select Manage Subscription. Select EDIT under the the active subscription section and scroll down to the bottom of the page to cancel your subscription. You may cancel at anytime, but please note that charges and delivery will cease starting the calendar month after your cancellation.

Can I return my box for a refund if I don’t like the products?

Unfortunately not. If you are dissatisfied with your product please contact customer service at

Does The Jocko T-Shirt Club offer women's shirts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer women's shirt options as a part of the subscription at this time.